Posting Curriculum On-line

Posting Curriculum On-line

Prepare now to post curriculum, lesson plans and resources on-line.  Our team already has in place on-line curriculum in digital bookshelves, and we can do the same for you.

·  Create a book for each content area, grade level, or whatever you need

·  Each book is digital with its own URL and QR code

·  We can create as many digital bookshelves as you want (by grade, content area, or all in one)

·  Each book is searchable by any word, great for searching content and resources

·  Digital books can be easily updated keeping the same URL and QR code

·  All you do is provide us the PDF of your content and we do the rest

·Customize your cover and informational materials

Look at our bookshelf of Career Tech lessons by clicking here and you can quickly see how valuable the digital books can be for you.

Don’t delay, contact us today to see how reasonable we can make digital books and bookshelves for you and your district to display your curriculum.